The most secure payment system on the planet

  • Say GOODBYE to credit card fees
  • Secure person to person payments
  • Instantly transfer funds to anyone, anywhere
  • Does not impact credit scores

Very Powerful

How does it work?

MahaloPay's heightened security protocols disable entry points vulnerable in both traditional online systems and mobile app systems while simultaneously eliminating the need for the estimated $70B dollar fraud prevention networks used by credit card companies.

Transparent, secure processing


  • Person-to-Person transferring
  • Milestone payments
  • Perfect for fundraising
  • FREE withdrawals
  • No Credit Cards!
  • Mahalo Instant Transfer*
  • Affiliate programs coming 2023*


  • LOW transaction fees
  • NO withdrawal fees
  • Great for small businesses
  • Pairs with our POS Multi(+)
  • SAVE THOUSANDS each month
  • Mahalo Instant Transfer*
  • Volume discounts coming 2023*

Coming Soon

  • Business API Q2 2023
  • Give Back-Match Q2 2023
  • Integrated POS systems

About Us

At MahaloPay, we believe that our technology solutions will become one of the most significant and positive moves in the payment industry. We also know that when we support communities, we can uplift the people, as well as businesses, churches, non-profits, and much more. We’ve even taken our heightened security protocols and developed a package to empower communities across the nation to support one another through SAVINGS! We truly are all about making things more secure.


Take A Look At Just How Low MahaloPay Fees Are
Download cost$0.00No download cost
MahaloPay account Setup$0.00No fee to setup
Monthly fees$0.00No monthly fees
Person to person 0% No fees for sending/receiving funds
Purchase from business 0% No fees to consumers to shop
Purchase online from business 0% No fees to consumers online
Transfer from verified checking/savings account 0% No fee
STANDARD (1-3 days) 0% processing fee to transfer funds to your verified checking/savings account INSTANT (within minutes) 0.49% – 0.99% processing fee to your verified checking/savings account (+Low to NO p/transaction fee)
Transfer Amount Transaction fee
$0 – $99.99 $0.69
$100 – $499.99 $0.49
$500 – $999.99 $0.39
Over $1,000 Free
(maximum transaction fee of $25 per transaction)
Processing fee per transaction 1.8% Only 1.8% (+ $0.08 per transaction)
*Compared to standard credit card processing fees of 2.2% – 4.65%

MahaloPay Give Back Program

We have partnered with some of the most important non-profits in your communities. Now, through your patronage, you can simply elect to add a ½ percent to your purchase towards your non-profit of choice. But it doesn’t end there with our charitable giving. MahaloPay and its advertising partners will EACH match your contribution to YOUR preferred non-profit or church! This means a percentage of every purchase will go to a greater cause!